Vanessa Hernandez

is a Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist born and raised in California. Her passion for Make-Up started at a young age. From being a little girl watching her mom put on make up to her being able  to apply make up on herself. This became a way for Vanessa to express her passion for art and many became intrigued, this encouraged her to take on the world of make up. She attended Make-Up Designory, Master Program to fulfill her career as a Make-Up Artist. She works efficiently to perform her best and will always be open to learning the new techniques of Make-Up. Vanessa would love to open a studio and own her own Make-Up line.



As a Make-Up Artist my job is to make people feel gorgeous, enhance their beauty, boost their confidence, to create a character, bring the client the desired look & to make the world even more beautiful.